An app that explores the relationship between physical, mental, and digital clutter. We have gigabytes, we have square feet. How do we measure the spatial value of the mind? How does the state of our room relate to the state of our mind?

Upon launching the app for the first time, you will be prompted to choose how frequently you would like to use piles/tidy your room, and grant access to your camera and homescreen. Depending on how often you choose, your screen will begin to fill up with “piles”.

These piles work similarly to the “Assistive Touch” feature on IPhones, in that you can touch and drag them anywhere on the screen, should they be in your way. This interaction is based off of my own shuffling of messes, moving piles of stuff from my bed to my desk over and over, instead of just tidying it.

Each list item from the input section will be randomly shuffled and displayed one at a time. This is to break down the ardous task of tidying a large mess: “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time”.

A stopwatch will begin at the start of each new “pile”, adding a fun and competitive element to tidying. Once the item has been put away the user drags the pile onto the stopwatch. A new list item will appear and the clock will restart. This goes on until the user completes the list or closes the app, in which case the remaining list items will appear on the list the next time they go to tidy. 

Once everything on the list has been put away, you will be prompted to take another photo of the space. Your room, and home screen, will be tidy. Though made for tidying, the piles app can be used for projects, grocery lists, exercises, or anything else you would like to accomplish in due time.